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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Academy of Technology :- An insight into the reality

all right might have read The Telegraph which ranks Academy of Technology among the TOP 10 engineering colleges in the whole of West Bengal....When a top ranking newspaper says take it to be the ubiquitous truth...dont you?
Yup! Everyone will.
That's the only reason i'm writing let you all know what lies underneath.Whistle blowing...some might say..but i think everyone has the right to know the truth.
AOT ...the name's been gaining immense popularity among all aspiring engineers in the very recent past..especially in the state of west bengal. There are several reasons for that. First comes the placement factor. Not very long ago there were huge banners claiming that AOT has 91% overall placement.That in itself is quite a feat. If you go through the website of AOT you'll find that the same people have bagged not only one but two ...three and even four jobs ...all at a time...Isn't that amazing?
Yes , it is...If only it were true.
The reality bite?
Most of the depicted faces are either jobless or are searching for one ...they only have the offer letters to look real employment(read joining letter). Many have resortted to pursue higher education out of frustation on not being able to find a job while still being a fresher.

Who's to blame?
No not the students this's all beacuse of the malfunctioning placement cell headed by none other than S.K.Mitra who sits the whole day in his den at salt lake trying hard to call in companies for a recruitment drive...but in while all the colleges in west bengal get big names like WIPRO,Infosys,TCS,CTS etc for taking away their students to the path of glory , the AOTians keep their fingers crossed to find a job which pays less than a clerk's salary.

All the anguish that were pent up for so long were vented out by the students on 3rd March.Protests never presumed before were carried out.You might be wondering about the outcome.

Well, as always money makes one win. The management won of course with false allegations against students that were okayed at one go.Richie Rich always wins.

My question would be why play with student's careers when you should be milking them ?

AOT management doesn't even realise that there's a strong need for an alumni network to get the college going on and campus recruitments to be never stalled.Because the teachers will stay at AOT but the students will go a long way ahead.Think it over.

If you are reading this and aspire to get enrolled in an Engineering college via WBJEE, a word of advice for you, don't be fooled by the promises and choose your college wisely or you might just end up like AOTians...and then it will be too late..

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